Unlike in the past, a young girl’s future role in taking over the family farm in Texas is accepted and welcomed.

The image most people have of the family farm probably comes from a half-century ago or more. It may be based on family stories about grandparents or great grandparents who supported their family on a few hundred acres or less with a variety of livestock, vegetables and field crops.

The family farm has had to change and adapt to many forces in order to survive. The Sugarek family in Beeville, Texas, is still here and working hard to produce the kind of food you want to serve to your family. They’re doing it in a way that is sustainable: that respects and conserves our natural resources. The Sugarek farm may look more diverse than that a generation or two before them – they’ve expanded and diversified – such as also running a grain elevator – to ensure the farm business can overcome the rough waters the market and Mother Nature sometimes send their way.