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Our Children’s Future

The young minds of today are the future of tomorrow. This holds true in many aspects of life, but especially in conservation. Laying a strong foundational knowledge in the role of water in our food system, and the efforts to conserve this precious resource is key for generations to come.

Most of the work in farming is about this year, this crop. But when you talk to farmers, you learn they are focused on the future: Providing a stable livelihood for their family, protecting the quality of the soil and water for future crops and preserving a way of life for future generations.

When children grow up knowing the important role water plays in growing the food on their plate, the conservation efforts of farmers and ranchers, and the need for ever-progressing conservation measures, they will be the future leaders in sustaining this immeasurable asset.

The more our children understand about where their food comes from and how it is grown, the better we will be able to sustain our ability to produce quality, healthy food for the plates of Texans, Americans, and the world’s growing population.